European School of Governance

Conference Presentation

Dr. Louis Klein challenges the thinking that brought us to endanger the best of all worlds. Neither technology nor competition drives sustainable solutions. “The collaboration of the many make a civilisation.”


Love Your Nuts

Promotional video

The goal of Love Your Nuts is to raise awareness of testicular cancer by educating communities about the rarely spoken about cancer that often remains undetected in young adults due to our diverse society in South Africa, where cultural taboos, stigmas and a lack of knowledge about the subject is widespread.


Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

Scientific Public Engagement

Dr Lowe’s research focusses on how organisations can improve the funding, commissioning and performance management of social interventions (across the public, private and voluntary sectors) by applying complexity theory to create a critique of New Public Management approaches


Club Travel

Year end function

Check out this highlight reel from Club Travel’s year-end and awards event.

Project Peacock

Men’s Foundation & Movember SA

Project Peacock, currently underway at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, provides men with access to Brachio Therapy.


Promoting the arts

The Suidoosterfees Talent Search is on our doorstep and this year it guarantees to take the Western Cape by storm.

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

Scientific public engagement

In this dialogue, Dr Jean Boulton, lead author of Embracing Complexity & Prof Belinda Reyers explore how complexity thinking can inform our understanding of how change comes about.

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

Scientific public engagement

Roberto Poli explains why futures literacy is important for addressing uncertain futures. We need to move from forecast to foresight and ultimately to anticipation.

SA Food Lab

Scientific public engagement

The ROFE project, conducted by the School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape, undertook a survey of household food consumption and neighbourhood food environments in Khayelitsha and Mt Frere, documenting high levels of risky food consumption and low intake of health-promoting foods known to prevent obesity, and mapping food outlets.

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

Scientific public engagement

Louis Klein, dean of the European School of Governance (, challenges our understanding of change and shows ways how and why to organise for purpose and transform social systems based on insights into systemic change, leverage and mind shift.


Corporate video

As global leader Vititec develops clones, eliminates viruses and maintain vine plant material.

Resilience Action Dialogue

Conference series

The resilience Action Dialogue was convened by the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) as a way to deepen understanding about the concept of resilience and its application in development work in southern Africa.

In order to help us understand what it is to build resilience, Ailsa Holloway from the Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction or RADAR ( identifies regional and global factors that may impact the lives and livelihoods of southern Africans.

Blackhole Productions’ Conference playlist

Conference playlist


Mini-documentary series

(English subtitles)

Episode 1 – In this episode we discuss homosexuality in the Dutch Reformed Church and how it links to Bible interpretation


Episode 1.3 – In this episode Prof. Louis Jonker provides a more detailed description of hermeneutics.


Episode 1.6 – In this episode Prof. Julianna Claassens discuss problematic Biblical texts and how to deal with ‘Text of Terror’.


Join the conversation at

Episode 1.9 – In this episode Prof. Yolanda Dreyer offers a description of debate and why independent though is important.

Episode 2 – In this episode Dr. André Bartlett identifies 4 important factors in the conversation, while Prof. Yolanda Dreyer and Dr. Tanya van Wyk discussed patriarchy and gender. Prof. Danie Veldsman reminds us that empathy is one of the most important aspects of our survival.

Blackhole Productions’ SOEKlig playlist

SOEKlig playlist

The Vinpro Foundation

Explainer video

We are excited to present The Vinpro Foundation’s new video – and our first animation

Arts Capital

Vision & Philosophy

Arts Capital invests in our artists and Blackhole Productions are proud to be affiliated with them


New logo reveal

VinPro is the custodian of the South African wine industry and has a new logo that encapsulates their values


Social Entrepreneur – Tanzania & South Africa

Mashuka empowers and supports women in Tanzania and South Africa who make a living by creating art

“If you want to change the world, help women.”

Nelson Mandela


Conversations presented by The Jakes Gerwel Foundation

Three very interesting conversations with Afrikaans poets and writers

“Your face is the face of all the others
before you and after you.”

Ingrid Jonker

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation

Conversations on hope

Conversations on hope by artists, religious leaders and academics

To hope is to commit to the future of those around you

PDH Missions

Social Entrepreneur – Zambia

PDH Missions equips and empowers local builders, while offering investment opportunities

Lapa Uitgewers

Book launch

A star studded book launch at the Rhodes Memorial

“Afrikaans is die taal waarin ek God leer ken het.”


A collaboration with Madri Victor

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

Research report

A report on a colloquium hosted by CST on the Seeds of a Good Anthropocene – and one of our first videos


Event overview

Be creative, be intuitive, be inspired

Tuin van digters

Event overview

A weekend of theatre, poems, discussions and music – and our very first video


Event overview

An evening with the formidable and down-to-earth Derric van Rensburg